Mission Statement

To provide vibrational education and make it accessible to all.

About Christine


Christine has a master’s degree in Education; a bachelor’s degree in Social Work; certifications in Life Enhancement Coaching, and Ancient Wisdom Studies. Christine has been a practitioner for ten years.
After living in New York, Athens, and Los Angeles she found her way back home to the Cream City Brick of Milwaukee. Appreciating urban life and travel, she leads weekend retreats, circles, and tours to sacred sites. One to one work with Christine is deep. Her gift is an ability to supercharge your shift in order for you to manifest your highest potential/desire. Christine has developed contemporary tools that profoundly enhance her clients’ life experience. The key is mindfulness, awareness and practice.
“I feel privileged in guiding clients to fulfill their life purpose. It is an honor and a Joy to work with this level of consciousness.” - Christine


About 7doves

7doves refers to the seven sisters in Greek mythology that were transformed into doves and cast into the night sky becoming the Pleiadian star cluster. Cultures through the ages have looked to the Pleiades for guidance. Just like these stars, Christine guides her clients using universal principles and the power of the feminine energetic. The 7doves academy opens the heart and connects with the soul.

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