The Autumnal Woman holds Power as she empowers others. She also holds it in her softness, in her receptivity, and in her ability to flow. She holds Power in her wordless gaze, and her ability to weave friendships and relationships forever tending the garden of her community.

She shines Beauty in her experiences, in her honesty, in her intuition, and in her medicine. The Autumnal Woman shines Beauty in forgiveness, in unconditional love and in the ability to continue to grow, evolve and embody the divine.

The Autumnal Woman is Wisdom because she knows Being is as important as doing. She knows the femininity is the creator of all there is; she is Wisdom simply because she lives from her heart — the seat of Wisdom.

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photo by Christine schultz

photo by Christine schultz

The Autumnal retreat for women takes place in Northern Wisconsin. It's a weekend devoted to reframing the image of womanhood, especially as we mature. During autumn, we harvest, enjoy the abundance, and let go. We delve into what it means to be an autumnal woman. When we get together to focus our attention, the brilliance of what that means reveals itself.

From previous retreat weekends, the resounding topics that surface are Beauty, Wisdom and Freedom. The retreat allows us the space to become more intimate with these aspects of ourselves, as well as how we express them in the world. These three topics become integrated with artfulness. It’s done by sitting blanket-wrapped stargazing around the fire pit as we tell stories, contemplate, and reflect. It’s done with laughter. It’s done by communing with nature and with one another, honoring and celebrating; crying, and receiving all the “Aha” moments that go with being/becoming an autumnal woman.

We will have a soul art experience led by Valarie Endemann!  Valarie, a certified family counselor, has been on the path of the divine feminine for 25 years and has developed unique methods to support women in allowing that wisdom to surface.  

And we'll have a photo shoot to remember that at every age we are beautiful. This is an important, honoring and artful experience that has worked to support women in allowing themselves to visible, viable and expressive. And it's so much fun! 

Five years in, the retreats continue to be powerful, joyful, and enlightening. All women, masterful in their unique way, bring what they do to the table. And everyone benefits. I appreciate it so much, and believe you will too. The topics can go deep, even sublime, and we are left feeling lighthearted, more awake and aware.

What to bring:

Because we honor the two previous seasons of life: bring pictures, gifts, cards, jewelry, etc. from childhood (spring), form the parenting years (summer), and from your current autumn season. Bring a journal, your yoga clothes and mat; meditation cushion; outdoor clothing; hiking shoes or sneakers; and a blanket. 

Check the weather forecast when you pack! 

For the photo shoot, bring what makes you feel beautiful. 

If you have a business card, a product, or idea, please bring. This makes the trip a networking/business write-off for entrepreneurs! Reserve your spot today!

Total price is $700.