LSW December Issue "Malta"

Malta and Saint Agatha


by Christine Schultz


Caroline had put off a trip to Malta for years. Her son was off to college and she was ready to have an adventure. With a group of women, others who were also studying ancient goddess cults, consciousness and spirituality, she went knowing that this place held some of the oldest fertility temples still remaining in the planet. Caroline and the priestesses explored the megalithic goddess temples of Ħaġar Qim, Ġgantija, L-Imnajdra, and the Hypogeum of Hal Saflien considered to be the oldest prehistoric and underground temple. 


As the others were dropping in to deep remembering and feeling the connection to these ancient goddess temples and their priesting there, Caroline got nothing. Nothing! She was willing to accept that, and enjoy the incredible experience, the company of her travel-mates, the sun, and the azure blue waters surrounding the island.

MAlta Water.png

Then they toured the catacombs, eerie and dark with thick energy that stuck like goo. A choking sensation overcame them. At the the entrance of the cave was a little altar that was said to be the place Saint Agatha prayed. This place became her crypt venerated by the Maltese. It was around 250 AD when Agatha,  about age fifteen, left Sicily to escape Quintianus, an amorous Roman official who pursued her. Quintianus later her put to death for being Christian and rejecting him. 

st Agatha.png

Coming out of the catacombs and Agatha crypt, Carolyn felt deeply moved but it wasn’t until she stood in front of the above ground temple to Agatha near the crypt when Carolyn received a transmission. Agatha explained to Carolyn how today’s women are facing toxicity in food, water, and air. And that in combination with hormone changes during menopause create a perfect storm for Breast Cancer and other diseases. Carolyn was shown two paths: one healthy, and one in denial of the impending dangers. She was asked to make a decision between living consciously and propagating the information, or walking down the path of denial and engaging with death via breast cancer.

She chose the former, and immediately found other women were having similar digestive issues, some autoimmune issues, fatigue, irritability - essentially those menopausal symptoms. Two weeks later, Carolyn found the lumps in her breast. She was already dealing with the idea that her youth was was fading and her biology was changing. Now she was full on facing her mortality. With no health insurance, she needed to wait three months before her insurance would allow her to cover any major health problems. So she waited.

This drove her to carefully remember all information from Agatha. She used this and began to purify her diet, cleanse, and seek information on how to nourish her maturing body. She also used her knowledge of prayer and meditation time to heal. By the time she saw the doctor, the lumps were gone.