Duality is defined as the quality or condition of having two parts. The opposite of duality is non duality or oneness and the I Am is the all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present essence of oneness.

Oneness infers no separation. Everything, including every one of us, is connected. We are connected by virtue of our interrelatedness just like all the plants and animals in the rainforest are connected, interrelated and interdependent. Oneness includes being connected to that which is seen and unseen, with energies, and with all that is beyond the three dimensional world. With oneness comes the comfort of feeling in-sync, not alone, tapped in, and intended. It is simply a good feeling.


So, how is duality part of our reality? Simply put, we live in a world of physicality, right? This experience of being in physical form creates the phenomenon of duality. Life and duality start when we receive our first breath, when we inhale and exhale. We experience day and night (light and dark). We nourish ourselves with food and drink as we receive the nutrition and release what we do not need. W e experience emotions and their opposites such as happiness and sadness or love and hate. We perceive good and bad; winning and losing; success and failure; male and female; yin and yang. We have jobs and responsibilities, and then we transition out with our last breath. Even life is contrasted by death.

We live a dualistic experience

We live a dualistic experience as human beings.In this dimension, we have contrast; in fact, we need contrast to have experiences. We wouldn’t inhale if we didn’t exhale. We wouldn’t hear music unless it was paired with quiet.

We wouldn’t

We wouldn’t see art unless it was hung on a blank or contrasting background. We wouldn’t know happiness without sadness. We have our duality in order to experience our experiences.


Another way of considering duality is recognizing it as a continuum. In other words, we have light and the absence of light and everything in between. We have health and not as much health. We have wealth and not as much wealth. We always have the choice to opt into the vibration of what it feels like to have health, wealth, etc., even when we are not experiencing what our ego or causal mind would like to believe is health or wealth.

This brings us to determinism. I believe the universe is all-powerful, and all-knowing. Therefore, is everything predetermined? Is it already written?
Already written-what does that mean? How can this be?


I am seriously perplexed here in the 3-D. There is oneness, some say, yet I am not you and you are not me. And why do I sound like Dr. Seuss?

I am an individual expression of human-ness. It feels like I am the center of my own universe. I can empathize and see from the point of view of another person’s shoes, yet I still see from my perspective for the most part. I realize I choose my daily activities, and I create. I am happiest when I am creating, co-creating, collaborating, and freely expressing. I am in bliss when I am being my truest, most authentic, and uninhibited me. I feel like I am having my way with all the goings-on in my life; however, I feel and I know that the universe or all that is already designed is having its way with me. I remember I have been birthed from the universe itself and it is as if I play out all my life’s events that are already planned. This raises the question of free will vs. fate.

But going back to our original topic, how is it that there is oneness and duality in our experience?
Maybe the answer to what we experience isn’t one or the other. Maybe it is both. It is a paradox after paradox, no doubt.


The knowing of what is having its way with me comes from my heart, not my intellect. It is faith. This intelligence of deep knowing is something I know we all have and when we exercise the muscles of listening to it, attending to it, and grounding it into the 3-D as part of this dualistic experience, we do have inner knowing, clarity, and an understanding of our life’s purpose.

We live a dualistic experience as human beings.


As discussed earlier, we have the contrast in order to experience. We have the continuum. I remember when I realized that all contrasting ideas could be seen as different sides of the same coin. I was working out the energy of leading;and in doing so, I became clear on the understanding of following. I realized that leading is directly related to my ability to follow my own inner guidance. It is to be in the great flow of allowing, and to be in faith.

This following is done with discipline and obedience to my being-ness, to the I AM that is expressing through and as me.

Does the same coin analogy apply to fate and free will? I believe it can be thought of this way. When we activate freely of our own will in alignment with the I Am all the while listening to the wisdom of the heart, we are in alignment with Fate, that divine design that is always in play. This is also possibly the truth of duality. Duality and non-duality (oneness) are different sides of the same coin. We get to explore and bliss-out right here in the 3-D with all its contrasts, dualities, and realizations that in the big picture and as the embodiment of the light of the I AM, we are all connected to everyone and everything n’ always.

We are all connected to everyone and everything n’ always.

A Prayer of Oneness

As I close my eyes and move into what IS, I know the One I call the I AM, The Universe, Great Spirit, or God is ever-present. It is all-knowing, all-powerful, and infinite. I know this I Am presence is One with all there is. It is Perfection, Harmony, Tempo, Grace and Love. In fact, I know Love is another name for the infinite. I realize and know that I, the one known as Christine, am one with the One, and I am expressing here in this dualistic three-dimensional experience as a being created of divine Love. And I know this for you, the ones reading these words as well as all the ones not reading these words. I know it for all beings, and for all the ways the Universe expresses. This brings me to the deep inner knowing and remembering of my/our origin. We are of the Earth, and before that, the substance that makes up our physicality was simply stardust. I know all physicality is condensed energy or slow moving light. How cool is that! This is a realization I am so grateful for. I am in Joy to know that my physicality as well as yours and all that is here in the 3-D is embodied light. I am uplifted with great-Full-ness and sweet openness in the gratitude of this knowledge. As I write this Oneness prayer, releasing it into word, I deliver it to the place it came from, to the One itself. Here it is received and upon this reception it is amplified and activated into Isness.