The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine is really not a new idea; it is not a goddess movement or a hippie cult religion. It is not synonymous with Feminism. It is not just a pagan mythical-mystical concept. It does not denote polytheism. It is not some new-agey idea just being hatched. It has always been there. It is ancient; it is wisdom and mystery, and it is Divine. We are collectively remembering the Divine Feminine, yet most still have amnesia. The Divine Feminine is the feminine aspect of God. Therefore, it is expressed as Goddess. Imagine the perfect balance of the Yin Yang symbol: The Divine Feminine is one of the two halves. This balance is perfection. And that perfection is composed of feminine inspiration, the idea of what could be. Then, the masculine is action or the manifestation of the inspiration. All is first birthed in the feminine. When we have balance, we have a divine marriage composed of both energetics.

The Energetic of the Divine Feminine

The energetic of the Divine Feminine is softness, darkness, womblike-safety; it is intimate and nurturing. It is receptivity, openness, depth, nutrition, and fertile ground. Hence, we see the earth relationship—Mother Nature. It can also be the abyss, the depth of the seas, or the cosmos. It is mysterious. Feel it, even though it is dark, and notice there is nothing to fear. Rest, float; notice also that there is nothing to do, no pressure, no stress. Recognize your nervous system recalibrating here. It is so sweetly blissful and rejuvenating. It feels like a restful night’s sleep, like being held. Here one has the permission to simply be. It is the absence of activity. It is the spinning yin-yang, the perfect balance. It is flowing like a river, twirling like the wind, anchored like the mountains, and shining like the stars. Since it is feminine, her shape might be described as round, curvy, swimming like an otter, gentle like a deer, hibernating like a bear, trusting like a duckling, delicate like a butterfly.


Yes, she is all that, and she kicks ass too! However the history that led to knowing how to be the successful tough diva was long and arduous. Warrioresses for freedom led the way.

Prior to the feminist movement and during the time of religious Reformation, women who remembered earth medicine such as herbalism or who could read the stars and listen to the animals were considered heretics and witches who practiced magic. The numbers of women tortured and executed during the Medieval and Spanish Inquisitions is a horrendous fact of history. However, following that, the extraordinary evolution of women looks like this: Late 1800s – Suffrage; 1920 – the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote, own property and not be property; the world wars which required women to be in charge on the home front; and the powerful female leaders of the 60’s and 70’s extended the ideas of Equal Rights to women as along with minorities.

By the 1980’s women could be independently employed, working nine to five… even if they were “barely making a living.” More and more women were finding their voice. Today, many powerful women continue to step forward to level the playing field.

The feminist movement propelled women out of oppression and into the light. This was very powerful and necessary. Women found liberation in doing what they needed to do to be just like men—educated, competitive, business oriented, providers and protectors. Women have been bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan for decades.

The thing is, feminism is not the feminine energetic; it is the masculine energetic.

The Divine Feminine is really not a new idea… “It has always been there.”

Goddess Archetypes

Goddess archetypes help us understand and remember what the feminine Energetic looks and feels like. Quan Yin illustrates compassion as a feminine quality. She is an example of presencing oneself in peacefulness and radiating it. The Venus of Willendorf, of Northern Europe, represents the Earth Mother. She is the goddess of creativity, fertility and motherhood. Similarly, Pachamama or World Mother is the sacred Goddess of harvest and planting for the people of the Andes Mountains. She is revered as the Creatrix of all there is. The Incan honor the Pachamama in their very walk through life; they are present with the mother. In the Greek Pantheon, there are many archetypes representing different aspects of the Divine Feminine. Hera, for example, is the Goddess of Marriage. She likes to be a partner in her creative projects whether it is the vision of raising a family or partnering in business. Another archetype of ancient Greece is Aphrodite. She is the goddess of Love and Beauty. The sexuality of Aphrodite is open and receptive and attractive as well as self-honoring; she is never the victim and never the guilty of her sexuality. All these are examples of the Feminine energetic, notice how powerful they are in a way that is not masculine.

Goddess in Poetry and Art

The Divine Feminine is here; she always has been. Because of our collective amnesia, we have not been seeing her consciously yet here she is, Beauty in words. For example, we see her in beloved poetry of Emily Dickenson, Robert Frost, Walt Whitman and others.

From Emily Dickenson’s Psalm of the Day (the first 3 stanzas):

A something in a summer’s day, As slow her flambeaux burn away, Which solemnizes me.
A something in a summer’s noon, — An azure depth, a wordless tune, Transcending ecstasy.
And still within a summer’s night A something so transporting bright, I clap my hands to see;
Poets move us and touch our hearts with their description of nature, emotion and mysticism.

We also see the Divine Feminine in the great cathedrals across Europe and the Americas. She is there in the structures of the buildings, particularly the domes. She is illuminated as the glorious stained glass mandalas of the Notre Dame and others. We love her as the Black Madonna, and all the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene sculptures and icons. These are representations of the Goddess. Yes they are! Amnesia or not, she is with us, just look around! In Christianity, we have the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Stemming further back to Hebrew, spirit translates to word Ruah. In Aramaic, the meaning of the word Shekinah is presence. They both are feminine words and imply the Holy Spirit is the feminine aspect of the Trinity. This presence or spirit is represented as a dove, which has always been a symbol of the goddess and femininity. You see the dove in churches, temples and cathedrals.


Yet, she has been subdued in the greater religions of the recent several thousand years. She has been reduced and minimized so that the masculine aspect of god as evidenced in the patriarchal paradigm could rise in power and manifest and grow and evolve. The patriarchy has woven into the other constructs of society, and this energetic has gone greatly out of balance. This imbalance has been creating a push that goes against the health and wellness of the body of the goddess, the Earth. And Earth is not separate from all the nature upon it, including the human race. So as the patriarchy—which has aspects that are immature—erupts and has temper tantrums on Wall Street, on fear-based religious fronts, on political and economic fronts, and in war, the very existence of humanity becomes threatened. It is the masculine energetic to be a protector. However, protecting what is considered one’s own and taking from the planet and from other peoples has devolved. A dualistic me-versus-you mentality creates fear and greed and drives the masculine energetic out of balance. It’s outdated and has resulted in the rape, destruction and contamination of the atmosphere, water and land. This is the masculine out of balance.

It is obvious humanity has reached a pinnacle now. I realize many women and men are remembering. Some beloveds of the patriarchy are re-cog-nizing and remembering the balance of the Divine Feminine and are subtly folding it into religious and spiritual acumen. It is exciting to see the amnesia lessen its hold. When the activity of the masculine is in alignment with this awaking, the results can be beautiful, sustainable and just.

Just for the record, it does not matter whether one is a man or woman; both carry the aspects off the masculine and feminine energetics.

However, women—the ones emanating femininity in form—are and have been feeling this draw, this impulse to remember for many years. Silently and not so silently, some of us have been in alignment with the Divine Feminine. As we honor the divinity of femininity we move to balance, heal, and repair from a morally, emotionally and spiritually mature standpoint. We remember the goddess, and we remember being priestesses in the temple. We are beginning to walk as priestesses again.

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Just as the ancient Greeks recognize the Christos-Sophia symbol, the god/goddess, we can too. Remembering the etymology is some really interesting stuff. Sophia translates to Wisdom; simply being in this place of knowing is the divine feminine, Sophia. This is the all-knowing aspect or Omniscience. Christos translates to the anointed one, and to anoint is action, holy right-action, the masculine energetic. This is the all-powerful aspect or Omnipotence. By whom or what has Christos, the divine masculine, been anointed? Well, Sophia of course! He thereby anoints; the anointment is Sophia, the great wisdom. This is the true meaning of Faith. Jesus the Christ, known as the anointed one, is an exemplar. From Mark 10:52, “And Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole. And immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way.”

Remembering and coming out of the amnesia are necessary and must happen quickly for the sustainability of our children. Outwardly, and regardless of gender, that remembering and maturity in consciousness recognizes all things everywhere are of one divine nature, God/Goddess in harmonious balance. The Christos-Sophia together create the all-present aspect, Omnipresence. The Great I Am is everywhere and in all things. There is no group or institution more important than another, no one being more important than another, and no ideology correct or incorrect. It embraces all, has great compassion, and immense ability to forgive. It is creative and intelligent and able to defy negativity with—guess what—love.

Indeed, Love orienting and activating from a place of emotionally/spiritually maturing Love or Wisdom (Sophia) is immensely powerful. It is the opposite of fear. I believe Love is a universal force far greater than fear and it is just waiting for us to be more fully aligned.