LWS - June Issue "My Best Friend Cam"

My Best Friend Cam

June '17


Cam Plainy always had something snarky to say.
We were in third grade and Girl Scouts. I remember the night our troop visited the local doughnut shop. I was not happy about the doughnut holes on a stick that the owner was giving us. I mumbled something rude. He looked at me, his mouth went curly on the sides. Then he gave me a whole doughnut decorated with colorful frostings. Those girls looked at me weird. I didn’t care, Cam said, “They’re just jealous.” After that, Cam became my best friend.

We had a great time especially in high school! And we stayed close through our thirties. I still liked to gripe and always loved a good snide remark. But, I spent less time with Cam. When my son was born, I met another friend, Joy. We still hang-out almost every day. I had decided Cam and I didn’t have as much in common; I’d appreciate her from a distance.

Joy is great, but, in the next years, life had some big challenges. I met Death, a nightmare. I despised him. He took my partner and I was alone. Joy couldn’t console me. So my old friend, Cam, came to my rescue. I was seriously angry. She introduced me to Judge B. Hateful and Rea Sentment. We banded together and drank Chardonnay, smoked cigarettes, cried, screamed, and cursed as I trudged through the days. Then one day, this chick, named Sophia, said something at a goddess circle. I still didn’t fully get what or who a goddess was. Anyway, she asked me if I was ready to do the work.

The work? What work is she talking about? Cam, Rea and the Judge didn’t even want to stay around to hear more. I was alone listening to Sophia suggest that if I wanted to stop being so angry, I’d have to do something about it.

Cam said, “Are you crazy? You’re working full time; you are a single mother, and you’re in grad school. When the hell are you supposed to do this ‘work?’” I agreed, I had no time for more work. The judge said, “You have every right to hold onto your hatred, it’s yours, you’ve earned it!” Rea said, “Fuck this “work” idea, how absurd! You are the victim here!” They understood me, and I liked the feeling of having them around. At least they weren’t going anywhere. I didn’t want Sophia and this “work” to threaten our relationship.

However, Joy saw things differently. She liked the idea, and pushed me to meet with Sophia over coffee. I was reticent, but, I went. Sophia explained that her name means wisdom. I thought that was cool. Eventually, I said yes to the “work”, the wisdom-work. Rarely looking back, but when I do, I see Cam, standing with the judge and Rea in the distance waving and blowing kisses – wild! It’s like Cam wanted me to get with Sophia all along. Well, honesty never was her thing.