Christine Schultz - Queendom

Crossing the Threshold

“Making wine, harvesting apples and pumpkins for pie, catching the musky scent of fallen leaves, feeling the wind and rain, and seeing darker days... That’s the autumn season.



For women, this third season (there are four) is the time when our blood stops. For me, this was effing BIG! It happened slowly after a ten year “period”. I had been carefully noticing, adjusting health (No longer able to eat bread and having autoimmune issues!), and trying to find someone to talk about it. Still, when my doctor after reviewing blood tests, delivered the news that I, age 49, was officially “post-menopausal”, I was flattened. Thank god, my beloved was there to hold me as I mopped up the tears and surrendered the last remaining attachment I had to my summer season.

Officially over the threshold, I felt immense grief as I mourned the loss of my summer years. I had been bracing myself, yet, when that moment was known, I still felt mystified about how to feel as an autumnal. I hadn’t heard anything good about it ever, because we are a culture that worships youthful beauty. Yet, I knew the future would be good! I simply had little reference and understanding how and why.

The clarity of how and why came to me in the deep surrender. Instead of running from it (age), I turned to face the inevitable and I bowed down to my future. It was then that I realized the wisdom of shedding more of my ego, letting go of my humanness, and deepening relationship with my higher-self. The way to this wisdom is by way of aging. It’s powerful!

During the Autumnal retreat we will demystify! We will create excitement and joy, and tap into our true infinite nature. We will rise above cultural beliefs, invent new practices, and anchor a new powerful reality for women.

I know my autumnal friends as Brilliant. My goal is for every woman to see herself that way, and for all of society to recognize the autumnal season as Beauty. When we get away for a weekend, there is a raucous upleveling as women remember and realize themselves as infinite beings in female form aka, Goddess. This is necessary, overdue, and not only for us, but, for our daughters and their daughters. This is a paradigm shift.” ~Christine