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Cher Lyn

Photo by Katy Rowe of Artist Group Photography

Photo by Katy Rowe of Artist Group Photography

Autumnal Crown not Crone stage - Queendom

In July, 2017, I had the privilege of interviewing my dear friend, Cher Lyn in Sedona, AZ. She is a true mystic artist and one of my early teachers and guides in the realm of mysticism.

What is living life to the fullest according to Cher Lyn?

Pele BY Cher Lyn

Pele BY Cher Lyn

I’m still learning that one. (Giggles)

I’m going to say that painting almost daily for almost 30 years has taught me how to operate outside the studio. I have never given up on a painting. When I was working on Pele (she points to one of her paintings on a wall over her right shoulder) I had made a perceived mistake, I literally took a bottle of paint, and said out loud, “no mistakes, namaste.” I poured it over my perceived mistake, and the paint poured perfectly, creating the spirit of the Black Mamo, a very sacred and extinct bird of the islands... which could not have been more perfect to accompany Pele! So from then on, I look at everything and know that nothing is a mistake; it’s all happening for me on purpose. I look for what is it that I can make magic from.

What is a Mystic?

As a mystic, I go explore the unknown world. I don’t really know how to put this into words. I want to know the truth. I want to know what is truth behind the preconceived ideas of what everybody says. I want to know what is real to me. And then there is always that unfolding of what is real. Then we don’t know what is real, (she laughs) we don’t know what real... The the more we think we know, but the more we know the more we really don’t know.   

I’m not sure but a mystic seeks the truth and faces fear with courage.

What is Mystic Art?

Archangel Michael by Cher Lyn

Archangel Michael by Cher Lyn

An artist who faces the fear with courage and goes into a piece and allows spirit to speak. I allow spirit to speak with me. I may have an idea of what I am going to paint, and I go into the essence of who I’m going to bring through. It may the spirit of Archangel Michael. I won’t know if the image is a portrait or a full body. So, the way I work is I follow the lines. And that  is a very mystical way of painting. Because I can step out of my mind, and I can step out of ego. I really don’t feel like I’m really painting it. It is through my vessel, but I’m being shown the lines of these images in the painting. It’s a mystic way to paint.

Is there anything you do in ceremony with piece?

Yes, I have played. One of the things I love to do and I’ve doing this for years, and I initiated this way… is blessing the painting because I like to play. I’ll use holy water that that I’ve collected from all over the world. I’ll draw sacred geometry onto the blank canvas. I’ll take the canvas down to the river and I’ll bless it like Moses, (giggles) baby Moses, and (umm) I’ll grid it with crystals before, during and after. I use crystals and medicine tools that I have made, most of them… The configuration is just an intuitive call. I follow my heart. It’s never the same, it’s always different. I intuit the music I listen to as I paint. I pull in my crystal bowls and didgeridoos. I have all kinds of different chants. And, I have found that I don’t need any of that. I went for years thinking that I did, and I still do use these tools, but I’ve been in a situation where all I had was pencil and paper and the magic comes through then too.

Queendom, is us as our maturing selves in our Autumn season of life. We have spent time being the maiden and the mother, and we are now stepping into our Crown season our Queen season. What’s the richness, what is the deliciousness in that?

Oh, you know, there really is deliciousness in it. I could cry, really cry. It’s ah, it’s the wisdom.

Sometimes I have thought or have had conversations with people about being able to go back into my life and be younger. In those younger days I was a model, you know. I will say this too, I can look back of all of those pictures they took of me, and today I can say I think they are beautiful. But when they were taken, I was never proud, never proud of the shots taken of me... I always had a judgement, whether it be this part of my body, or that part of my body, or whatever. There was always a judgement. Now, I can sit in my body now and be aghast at the judgements I had upon myself. And today, it’s like, well, I suppose I could do those things that make me look younger, (laughter) but I’m not doing that.

Neither am I.

Growing old gracefully is an interesting encounter. Because I’m encountering all these, oh my… changes. And truthfully, this can be my very shadowy inner world, I can say on this subject is, umm, there is almost nothing I can do about it. I can just surrender because I’m not going to go and do all those things and have my skin all tucked up or whatever.

I’m just going to do my best to be me, and do my best to grow myself, grow into that older age and be grateful that I can sit in a place of wisdom, non-judgement, allowing, surrender, blessing even when others curse.

There is a whole different way I walk my life, and I have worked on walking my life in a good way for a long time. There is just something that happens, something happened to me after I turned fifty. And it’s just, it’s expanding.

I don't get my moonblood anymore. And I’m still learning what that ceremony is for me without that offering. Because I did Native American ceremony for thirteen years at least, and it was a big part of my life. And so when I lost that part of myself, I miss it.

So you have not done, ahhh, a crossing the threshold ceremony...

No, maybe not.

I haven’t either. There isn’t a ceremony for this, yet... Interesting, I think that is a big part of what maybe we’re bringing. There could be ceremony that goes with that walk, stepping over the threshold into wisdom and allowing for the grief, but also allowing for the joy of it and finding the joy in that wisdom.

Yeah, This “threshold” is surrender.

Yes, you know how it feels so good to forgive when you finally truly, truly forgive someone. There is nothing like it! There is no gift you can better give yourself, than to forgive. I can’t make it happen, but there is something that happens with true forgiveness, I can’t even put into words…

Are you saying that forgiveness -- this immense relief and joy that is forgiveness is part of the surrender we do in order to initiate into the Crown stage? I wonder if the magic you are noticing in forgiveness is self-forgiveness. Self-acceptance?


And, I am still looking for that ceremony.

I am too.

I mean I literally, just l last month, when we circled here, I spoke that into circle. I spoke to the fact that I didn’t know my role as an elder yet. There were three nursing mothers in our circle. Three! It was so beautiful! I was the only one not bleeding (no longer menstruating). We were all sharing and going through Native American ceremony and honoring. It was so beautiful to bring the love of ceremony into that circle, and yet, I don’t know what I do as an elder... Except, I don’t judge as much, I mean, I’m still human, but there is something about sitting in that wisdom without judgement.

There is a lot that I feel that we have already realized in this place of wisdom, in this place of beyond-the-blood, and it’s opening up. I haven’t had my blood for over a year.

Oh, okay, that’s about like me I think. I was there then, around fifty, too, you are like me you had one son, I had two. Can you tell I haven't spoken much to other women about this subject? lol it's good to be aware. Thank you! 

Thank you! Do you have any last words of wisdom?

What I’m learning for myself is that I’m more powerful than I ever imagined. You, Chris, are more powerful than you could ever imagine...

And what is power? Because I think that it is seen differently from different perspectives. I would love to hear to hear your words on power .

Yeah, power can have a bad name, it can and it has. Especially with men and women “in power”. When men hear of a woman “in power” and they can freeze.

Power for example, is the strength to stand in the face of a raging man, and hold that space, and stand grounded in love, and anchor into the Earth and have him be affected by that, and know that one day he will know the truth. So the power isn’t necessarily physical force, it’s unconditional love.

Thank you, Cher Lyn!!!

Cher enlightens us with wisdom of surrender, forgiveness, acknowledging our shadow sides, and the missing piece of honoring that comes with ceremony for this initiation into the crown stage of life. Some people call it menopause, and I feel that is a limiting label, just like the onset menarche would be limiting as a true description of all the changes / maturation that take place in a young girl’s life.

As the years pass we really have no choice but to accept and to forgive ourselves for shifting and changing and moving into our bodies’ fallibleness and activate even moreso into and from our hearts. It has to do with surrendering, ultimately letting go of the physicality we’ve recognized as who we are. It has to do with releasing the illusion that we are what our body is, and looks like. It’s such deep surrendering, it's letting go of our physicality. Wisdom, indeed, is knowing the depth of ourselves and this is what is provided when we surrender into the crown stage, this transformative age of Queendom.

Cher lives in Sedona, AZ. You can find her art, cards, and clothing on the website and via

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