I really didn't expect this!~ I went thinking it would be science-geeky, and fun, but I really didn't expect to receive what I did. It reminds me to just go, to say YES, to have the adventure, and not think about it too much. Allow and let go of reason and expectation. Follow your intuition and sometimes and in some cases follow someonelse's intuition as I did on this adventure. My rationale could never have given me any inkling of what I was in for. It needed to be experienced, and I am grateful to Jim for knowing (having the intuition to know) just enough about what the eclipse might be!


He really was just as amazed as I. this is the how it went...

Against my better judgement, because I had so much "work" to do, on August 20, 2017, my boyfriend, Jim Strottmann, and I drove from Milwaukee to southern Illinois to find a place to camp for the night within a tiny town called Goreville. We did, and the next day we hung out in a little diner/convenience store that sold everything from breakfast, ice cream bars, motor oil, and worms for going fishing (they had their own mini frig). Then we wandered into the town center and the park where hundreds of people were gathering and some setting up real-deal telescopes. The University of Illinois' Astronomy Dept. was there giving out out the eclipse glasses. And we were very happy to receive because Amazon did not deliver on time...

We hung out under a tree for shade because the day was hot and the sun was strong and I was desperately trying to release my thoughts about not getting to all the work on my desk. As the partial eclipse began we'd put on the paper glasses and gaze the the moon meeting the sun and begin to cover it. It took over an hour to get to totality. As the moment approached, I remained calm and in expectancy - believing I was about to have a lovey experience.

What I got, what we got, was/is almost impossible to describe. It was the sense of AWE... The blissful, sublime, indescribable sense of AWE. Intense, yet peaceful; Intimate yet, communal; immense yet only two minutes and fourty seconds. Everyone, and all life stopped to become present to it, harmoniously in communion with the sun and moon as they communed with each other creating magic on Earth.

I stood there feeling the blissful overwhelm that really cannot be rationalized with thoughts as my eyes spilled over with tears. It has forever changed me. To truly know AWE is what I received. Then when totality was finished and the moon moved to crack the tiniest sliver of sun it burst open like a diamond ring,

Getting to the work disappeared from my mind as I sat in the state of awe and gratitude. I was/am grateful to have followed my heart, and Jim on this one. My advice, just GO, have an adventure!

This image isn't mine, but it's very similar to what we were lucky enough to behold. I found the pic on quora.com 

It reminds me too to VIBE AWE! Now I have the bar set much higher in understanding what it truly is.

— in Goreville, Illinois.