Constance Leshin - Queendom

Constance Leshin - Queendom

One of the things Constancia is passionately active about is her work in Guatemala. She works for an organization called "Friendship Bridge" (, a microfinance plus organization that gives 30,000 Guatemalan Maya women loans and education so that they can create their own solutions to poverty. She also translates narratives from Spanish to English for clients that are posted on the KIVA website, ( 

“Every year we’ve raised more and more money from investors who can donate up as little as twenty-five dollars. Last year, we raised almost two million dollars. It really is incredible; it absolutely takes my breath away. It’s incredible when I think about how far my/our energy is going on behalf of these "voiceless women".

That is inspirational Constancia!

Diving in now, can you tell me a bit about beauty and how you see it in the women there or in general? 

Well, in our culture there is this emphasis on appearance...

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