LWS - July "The Top of Adam's Hill"

LWS - July "The Top of Adam's Hill"

The Top of Adam’s Hill

July '17

By Christine Schultz

It was December 2000 when I landed in Los Angeles from Milwaukee. Tom was in the terminal waiting with a wine bag over his shoulder. He greeted me warmly, we sat, and he poured the chilled champagne into two crystal flutes. After excitedly chatting and drinking champagne, we walked to his car and jumped into the midnight blue ‘68 GTO (top down). Kennedy was etched into the side wing-windows. “Maybe this was Bobby Kennedy’s car?” I thought. The white leather, patina-tinged, left me wondering who had sat in it before. Camelot, an Arthurian fantasy, what was this? I felt like a 1960’s movie star as we drove across L.A., and then up to the top of Adam’s Hill on its winding streets. I was in sunny California in December, and adored by a handsome, successful TV producer. Life was good.

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