LWS - August Issue "I am So Big"

LWS - August Issue "I am So Big"

Yes, I am, I know I am. I AM BIG, I know I can do anything! I am a girl!

Mom would bounce me on her knees and stretch my arms wide saying, “I am soooo big!” I would giggle and wiggle as she cuddled and snuggled me. Dresses, patent leather shoes, curls and bows were my costume whenever mom wanted to dress me up, and I loved it.

I loved my clothes for digging in the dirt too, and riding the big wheel, climbing trees, and chasing my cocker-spaniel, Lulu, and my boyfriend, Joey, around the yard. Then my little brother and sister came, and I was the big girl because I was their big sister. I loved them. They were my charge, so I was in charge. I felt I could do anything, and do it perfectly well.

I think I was about seven when this girl, Wanda, was at the house doing some gardening. I followed her around because she was pretty and a teenager. I overheard her talking to Mom, saying some crazy stuff about how she was not chosen for something because she was a girl. I thought, “What are you talking about?

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