Audio treatments given through guided mediation that anchor in healing that will elevate your way of being for life. 

As a gift, receive a free downloadable audio - I AM Big!

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The I AM practice is seven weekly meditation-treatments that allow you to work directly with Christine anywhere, anytime. In the process, she will introduce ideas that will allow you to shift your mindset while developing and integrating a practice of meditation and mindfulness into your life. As we develop any practice we get better at it; we become stronger; we develop an acumen within this particular domain. Here the domain is the I AM. The I AM is a term used for understanding all there is to understand.
The ancient Greek aphorism “γνῶθι σεαυτόν” translates to “Know Thyself” and was inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. "Know Thyself" is referring to knowing the I AM and knowing it IS who we are. 

" 'I AM' is all there is, everywhere present, visible and invisible."
Discourse 20 December 08, 1932

I Am Enough & Worth-Work

Do you fear the spotlight? Do you feel underappreciated by others for what you do? Do you give away your power allowing others to shine instead of you?
If so, take advantage of the free gift, it’s a meditation/teaching on the questions of self-worth.  These meditations support you in rewriting the story of "I'm less than..." or "I'm not as important as…” etc. Change the story to: I am important!”, “I am ready to shine!” I am ready to be appreciated, and I am ready feel supported in and for my efforts…”

What does “I AM Big” mean?

I Am Big is referring to the principle of Oneness and the sense that all of us are the infinite presence, the infinite power and the infinite wisdom configured in exactly the way we were meant to be created. The use of Big might even be a diminutive for infinite. Being big is getting over ourselves and the false belief that humility is somehow proven by playing small. When we step up and activate our desires in the way that makes us feel most the Joy, and most fulfillment we are stepping into our bigness. It is a matter of how we see ourselves and our impact in the world. It is NOT  achievement-based, competition-based, or territory-based ideas of how we are seen by others. Being one as the I AM is big; these meditations show us how to apply that nebulous notion to everyday life in order to enhance the feeling of Freedom, and Love.

I recommend you listen to one audio for seven days and then move onto the next.

Through this seven week meditation series, you will discover, learn, and develop your practice of your ability to:

  • Understand your worthiness in relation to the infinite nature of the Universe and and become unified with it.

  • Understand a maturing ego, its positive applications in activating your Bigness as well as ego’s snares and pitfalls.  

  • Begin, set or reset your daily practice of meditation and integrate LIFE from the inside out by setting the vibratory intention for the day for 49 days.

  • Reset your vibration by way of directing your attention.

I AM Practice - Are You Ready?

Seven Powerful Treatments Unleashing Your Infinite Worth

Complete the full Self-Worth Series that includes six more Self-Worth meditations.
Listen to each new recording for seven days. After seven weeks of practicing your meditation, you will have a strong start in developing your practice. Watch your Self-Worth become clear and the powerful ways it affects your life.
The audios are yours to keep so that you’ll be able to replay anytime.

Full I AM Practice

If you aren't satisfied with this course for any reason, we will refund your money. No hassles, and no questions asked.

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You are going to want to talk about what you are experiencing. Feel free to engage in the conversations on the private I AM practice FB page. Message Christine directly if you wish.

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