Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. You’ll want the ceremony, the actual meaningful moment you are wed, to be in alignment with your beliefs and intentions. The words will echo in your memory for the duration. Anchor your sacred union in the sentiment and prayers that reflect your love for one another. It is my great Joy to officiate the ceremony that will be the cornerstone for your life together.


I will write a personalized ceremony that provides the necessary ingredients for wedding based on your wishes. Or, if you’d like to participate in the writing of your wedding vows, I provide the structure and guidance for you to do so. In either case, from pre-matrimony, to the actual wedding ceremony, I provide personalized guidance for you and your betrothed, so that it reflects who you are and your commitment to the dreams of your life together.

Pre-wedding Counseling

I offer and recommend three pre-marriage guidance meetings so that you come ready to make the leap into a committed, loving, and interdependent relationship. During these sessions, you will learn to understand your individual value within the marriage and how your union reflects balance just like yin and yang.  



I am an ordained Modern Day Priestess from the Institute of Modern Wisdom and an ordained minister of American Marriage Ministries. I am also the Founder of VIBE GUIDE LLC. I provide support and guidance in the evolution of consciousness to my private clients and for those who attend my retreats.