Around 12 years ago…

I was recovering from the loss of my boyfriend who died of complications due to substance abuse. He was also handsome, charming, successful and full of life. He was 49 years of age and I was 39. I had a young son (age 10) and we were living in Los Angels. I was also in the final year of a masters program and needed to focus and finish even though I was grieving. After powering through the MA program  while feeling great amounts of anger and depression, I decided to take the reins of my life and regain my mental health. My healing the was first on the agenda. I found myself in Sedona. It really was a journey that provided great depth and understanding. I've been back many times since that first magical visit and every time I go, I feel deep interpersonal growth along as I commune in awe with the natural beauty of Sedona. Now, I invite others to join me there in Sedona, a truly magical healing place.

Here is what we'll be up to:

We'll arrive on Thursday evening, meet and greet, grab a bite to eat together and sit in opening circle. We wake up pretty early for our adventures the next day. This could include a combination of yoga, hiking, Tai Chi, medicine circle work etc. The agenda will be full but you'll have fee time to to spend time at the pool or get a massage in the spa.

This time we'll do a co-ed retreat. Men are welcome!

Here are some pics from recent Sedona retreats. Cathederal Rock below. Above pic By Katy Rowe.

Sedona Testimonials:

Sedona Retreat 2018:
Sitting and integrating so much And in complete and utter Gratitude for the space you created for us in Sedona. And, yes, we all created it. And, you my Dear had the vision of getting us all together to experience Pure Magic!! Bliss was the Perfect expression experienced when a collective of like Spirited women come together in Union Consciousness to Support and Hold Space for the emergence of our True Soul Selves!! So, with all that Said I hope you Understand the Depth of my Love Appreciation and Respect for you Christine!! You're up to "Something"
And I want to be apart of it!!  Count me in!! 💃
Until I see you again..... I'm still going with the Flow!! And Glow!!
Diane Davis Wisconsin / California
Sedona Retreat 2016
I had the privilege of attending a four day workshop led by Christine and Cher Lyn in Sedona, Arizona. Wow! It is no surprise I experienced  huge breakthroughs and months of work thereafter as a result of combining Christine's talents with one of the world's most powerful spiritual centers and vortexes. Did I mention, she is  a divine soul sister and so much fun to hang out with during the retreat's down time? If you have a chance to travel with Christine and the heart and soul she puts into her itineraries for client experiences, consider yourself forever blessed! If you can work with her regularly, even if remotely, you will reap the rewards for years to come as I have.
Catherine Cameron - San Francisco
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