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Change translates to conscious opportunities for growth. Many times change is freeing and elevating other times change is difficult and painful. There are times when we feel like we are wading through muck feeling anxious, stressed, and possibly unworthy.

These are the times to have a session.

It's the support and guidance during periods of change and evolution that we often need. I can help you to see beyond the circumstances and understand the wisdom and beauty in all changes.

Two types:

Deep Relaxation - A Frequency Shift

Photo by Artist Group

Photo by Artist Group

Reconnect, become grounded, clear, and deeply relaxed. This experience is a nervous system reset. You'll leave feeling energized, yet, calm and thoroughly rested. You will realign with your higher-self and purpose — done in person or remote…

Relaxation Sessions: 1 hour each for $100


  • 3 for $270 (one per week for 3 weeks)

  • 5 for $410 (one per week for 5 weeks

  • 10 for $750 ( one per week for 10 weeks)

Soul - Work

Photo By Artist Group

Photo By Artist Group

This is self-actualizing deep clearing work that comes with intention. Just like any other acumen we may develop, when we do the work we say yes to our greatest fulfillment. Here is where we clear the blocks the that stop us from living life fully. Ironically when we do this, we become more open to inspiration, free of insecurities, and more able to activate and manifest Joy in life. It's learning to live the dream, whatever dream it is we choose to create — done in person or remote…

Self- Actualizing Sessions are $150 each and are 1.5 hrs.


  • 3 sessions for $420 (to be used within one month).

  • 6 sessions for $780 (to be used within three months).

  • 12 sessions for $1200 (to be used within six months).

Advanced clients have become students of the practice; individualized programming is available. Beginning a group mystery training March 2019. Message me with inquiries.




Sitting and reflecting upon my healing work with her over these last 9 years, a gradual but apparent Truth reveals itself; it is Christine herself which has made my experiences and growth so powerful and unique when compared to other healers and modalities I have tried. Christine's respect for her craft shows in the grace and poise with which she always holds a sacred space for our work, immediately setting me at ease. Serving as a vessel to realms I am unable to reach independently, she opens us my access to powers within our universe and beyond. She is so incredibly objective and validating along every step where as an adept mystic she navigates a path for us with intuition and ease. Through breath work, guidance, and questioning she helps me tap into what my inner self or the powers that be want me to see, experience and learn from. She gently holds my hand throughout and bravely projects the courage I need to continue on. Her keen intellect and knowledge of the mysteries serves us well during interpretations. While our work began in person, distance set us apart and after some skepticism, I soon realized our work was too impactful to deny so I opened up to our virtual work. It has been no less potent than in-person. If you can work with her regularly, even if remotely, you will reap the rewards for years to come as I have. Thank you Christine for helping me step confidently into my perfection! Namaste"

Catherine Cameron San Francisco 

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