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Formerly 7doves, which refers to the seven sisters in Greek mythology that were transformed into doves and cast into the night sky becoming the Pleiadian star cluster. Cultures through the ages have looked to the Pleiades for guidance. Just like these stars, Christine GUIDES her clients using universal principles, divine feminine wisdom, and  Consciousness.  The workshops open the heart and connect with the soul. Workshops are fun, vitalizing and amplified by the power of the group.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Practice - Medicine Circle is community; energy work, breath-work, and journeying. It’s shamanic in origin, and more. It’s an experience. Contact me for workshops including circle and breath-work fro your group or organization.

Photo By Artist Group

Photo By Artist Group

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Full Moon Hike

& Circle…

September 13th, 7:30pm at 7Bridges Trail - Grant Park

For the Full moon hike, we'll meet at the top of 7 Bridges Trail at Grant Park, hike down to the beach, and hold a full moon circle with breath work.
Meeting time 7:30pm (please bean time:) until approx. 10pm.
Bring blankets, and maybe a thermos of tea or warm cocoa for yourself.

We will be enjoying the last of our warm season and usher in the autumn; it will be nearly equinox.

Hike and Circle
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