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Formerly 7doves, which refers to the seven sisters in Greek mythology that were transformed into doves and cast into the night sky becoming the Pleiadian star cluster. Cultures through the ages have looked to the Pleiades for guidance. Just like these stars, Christine GUIDES her clients using universal principles and the power of the feminine energetic, consciousness guided by universal principles and laws.  The workshops open the heart and connect with the soul. Workshops are fun, adventurous and alchemical amplified by the power of the group.

Photo By Artist Group

Photo By Artist Group

Art by Cher Lyn

Art by Cher Lyn

Monthly VIBE (medicine circle)

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Practice

Vibe Guide Medicine Circles is held every last Wednesday of the month at Everyday Bliss in Brookfield, WI. 

I accidentally stumbled upon energy/medicine circles about 14 years ago back in Los Angeles. Doing the circles ushered in lots of new growth for me. I enjoyed them, appreciated all they did for me. I've since been facilitating circles for the last 10 years. 
A medicine circle is alchemy. It’s community; it’s energy work, breathwork, and journeying. It’s shamanic in origin, yet evolved. It’s an experience.

The focus of December's #MonthlyVibe  - Medicine circle  is INTENTION. This is perfect for the high winter (solsitce) and setting the theme for beginning of the New Year.

After the circle is opened, we will start by checking in with everybody and see where that medicine will lead us into our collective shamanic journey.  #MonthlyVibe.

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"To find my way through thick and thin

Make clear my mind... pure intention

I take this presence to the Lord.

Then feel my blessings and reap reward."

- Cher Lyn

Monthly Vibe - Medicine Circle
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Autumnal 2018  Autumnal Weekend Retreat

Autumnal Retreat Deposit

The full price for the autumnal retreat will be set shortly (approx. $600). Get your deposit in now- space is limited.

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Balance due Oct. 20th.
The deposit is non-refundable.

“Making wine, harvesting apples and pumpkins for pie, catching the musky scent of fallen leaves, feeling the wind and rain, and seeing darker days... That’s the autumn season.

For women, this third season (there are four) is the time when our blood stops. For me, this was effing BIG! It happened slowly after a ten year “period”. I had been carefully noticing, adjusting health (No longer able to eat bread and having autoimmune issues!), and trying to find someone to talk about it. Still, when my doctor after reviewing blood tests, delivered the news that I, age 49, was officially “post-menopausal”, I was flattened. Thank god, my beloved was there to hold me as I mopped up the tears and surrendered the last remaining attachment I had to my summer season.

Officially over the threshold, I felt immense grief as I mourned the loss of my summer years. I had been bracing myself, yet, when that moment was known, I still felt mystified about how to feel as an autumnal. I hadn’t heard anything good about it ever, because we are a culture that worships youthful beauty. Yet, I knew the future would be good! I simply had little reference and understanding how and why.  

The clarity of how and why came to me in the deep surrender. Instead of running from it (age), I turned to face the inevitable and I bowed down to my future. It was then that I realized the wisdom of shedding more of my ego, letting go of my humanness, and deepening relationship with my higher-self. The way to this wisdom is by way of aging. It’s powerful!

During the Autumnal retreat we will demystify! We will create excitement and joy, and tap into our true infinite nature. We will rise above cultural beliefs, invent new practices, and anchor a new powerful reality for women.  

I know my autumnal friends as Brilliant. My goal is for every woman to see herself that way, and for all of society to recognize the autumnal season as Beauty. When we get away for a weekend, there is a raucous upleveling as women remember and realize themselves as infinite beings in female form aka, Goddess. This is necessary, overdue, and not only for us, but, for our daughters and their daughters. This is a paradigm shift.”  ~Christine

Testimonials 2017


Blue gray morning sky
Pink fingers of fairy light
Shimmering water like static

Two fishermen foul of words break the pattern on the lake  
They calm themselves as I make my presence known

They fish, happy in pursuit

Wherever their boat drifts, fish jump mocking just out of reach

Their silhouette shrinks into the horizon

Fish see all beneath the clear water
We are not as invisible as we think
There is the dance we all do
Each plays a part

Golden leaves drip and fall
Midas touches the lake
Knowing all the glory of this passes

Promise of deep sleep to come
Only to be born again in spring

The 2017, Autumnal Retreat with Vibe Guide, Christine Schultz, was a wonderful experience. Great women, incredible accommodations and fantastic weather. It was a chance to step out of the pattern of life and get present. all of this while being supported and nourished with wise-woman wisdom. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to expand and explore consciousness. I wrote this poem on our first meditation exercise. Katy Rowe Artist Group Photography

"It was a fabulous day indeed! Great energy. Thank you Christine for putting us all together. It was a pleasure and honor to be with all of the women. Beautiful people and so much fun!" - Elise Eaton T. Magnolia Group 

"I really enjoyed learning from everyone! Thank you for a great event!" - Lisa M. Flying Frog L.L.C.

"I want to thank you for bringing me into today's marvelous creative event. Some people step out onto the edge of life and offer the next step over. That's what you did today, Christine. The gathering of varied gifted women must have exuded a giant aura above that old sweet building." - Jeannine S. Jeanine's Dream

"Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to be part of this lovely event. It was a pleasure to be among so many beautiful like-minded women, sharing and receiving." - Michele F. Vibrant Health/Vibrant Life 

The Autumnal Woman Sings
"Recently it has been my privilege to be a part of an amazing event; a gathering and celebration of the 'Autumnal Woman'. The concept of the Autumnal Woman has been put forth before and this particular celebratory event was manifested by the Goddess Priestess Christine Schultz, currently vibrating from Milwaukee Wisconsin. She too, is an Autumnal Woman resonating with the power of all that has come before her and all that will be. This is the divine feminine in true practice. It is not merely an empowerment weekend or consciousness raising, it is the idea that women truly become their whole/holy self at this time of life. Shedding the need for approval from a patriarchal system, embracing the feminine in an inclusive totality that still honors the masculine; as both ideas coexist within each of us. For feminine/masculine are labels that we honor but must acknowledge as intransigent. All labels are constructs outside of the self that the Autumnal Woman has finally dismantled. It is most clearly the time to step into our personal and collective power as the divine female, celebrating everything created in this life. What was so significant about this particular event is the balance of light, energy, and space. Christine held a beautiful happening in time for those of us who participated, besides the meditations and presentations there was food and communal collaborative sharing of different individuals personal practices. From the forests of Northern Wisconsin to the eclectic energy of Milwaukee we moved from space to space and event to event with the total freedom to exist in the perfect present moment. Releasing fears, embracing emotions, uncovering barriers to our true selves was just part of the adventure that unfolded in the greatest safety. An experience that allowed each of us to delve within and without. No judgement, no conforming; an individual collective journey into the soul of woman." - Kristina O

"Autumnal 2015...where do I begin... walking into a big beautiful home surrounded by a big beautiful portrait of nature painted by Mother Nature. A more appropriate place and time could not have been chosen. The work ahead a little daunting, but the surroundings seemed to comfort the wariness. There was time spent in circle, journaling, breath work, meditation, kundalini yoga, sharing meals, tears, and laughter. The background noise of mother nature; wind, rustling leaves, geese, coyote, snorting deer, crackling fire, all a symphony to the soul. How wonderfully peaceful, integrating, and safe it was. Then we flip the coin and head to the eclectic, energy buzzing city of Milwaukee. First to test our new found confidence and love for ourselves, dressed in the glorious colors of fall and encouraged with kindness into a photo shoot. WHOA, how fun and empowering was that, Amazing!!!! Thank you Charles Dwyer. Onto an afternoon of knowledge filled wise woman...nutrition, acupuncture, faith, "frog dancing", soul singing, and painting from your heart. All of this in an awesome tea- house called Rochambo. Go check it out; you'll be glad you did. Finally, on to dinner and dancing, yes dancing like our younger Spring and Summer sisters, so, so fun! On Sunday morning, we had a soulful, sweet close. New-found friends, new-found strength and a peek at what is possible, and yet to come. I am grateful for this experience. I am grateful for the guidance and love of Christine. I am grateful for the new bonds made with some mighty wonderful Autumnals! My heart fills with love." - Lori C.

"I spent Thursday night to Sunday morning surrounded with love, light, guidance and beautiful teachings. Just the right women were there to support one another. We shared, laughed, danced and cried. For me, the highlight was a real photo shoot. We had a makeup artist, hair done and a delightful, amazing artist taking our images. I HATE having my picture taken. I cried tears of fear prior to the photo shoot. But with the love I had received prior to having my picture taken gave me a new strength, I Julia, went back for SECONDS. I put my hair up; I wanted another picture taken. Never have I said this before, I had learned that I AM; I am worthy, aging gracefully, loved and loving. I am proud to be an Autumnal; I love being a grandmother (Oma). I will carry these feelings and memories in my heart forever. Thank you, Christine Schultz, for facilitating this beautiful event." - Julia H.


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